Raubex Construction Pty Ltd was incorporated on 29 April 2019 to represent Raubex Group Limited in the roads and earthworks and general civil engineering construction market in Australia. Raubex is one of South Africa’s leading infrastructure development and construction materials supply groups, celebrating over 40 years in the construction industry since it was established in 1974. Raubex Construction Australia is majority owned by Raubex Group Ltd, with minor shareholdings held by local management in Australia. The Company is effectively an incorporated branch of the listed parent entity, Raubex Group Limited.

The Company has the financial support from its parent company, Raubex Group Limited. This support includes access to working capital funding, bank funding, equipment finance and bank guarantee facilities. Furthermore, the Company has access to internationally experienced personnel if required.

Raubex Construction consists of three divisions in South Africa as follows:

Materials Division

Specialises in the supply of aggregates from commercial quarries, is a leading provider of material handling and screening services to the mining industry and provides mobile crushing solutions for remote project sites.


Roads and Earthworks Division

This division specialises in road construction and earthworks as well as road surfacing and rehabilitation which includes the manufacturing and laying of asphalt, chip and spray, surface dressing, enrichments, slurry seals and the manufacture and distribution of value added bituminous products throughout southern Africa.


Infrastructure Division

The infrastructure division specialises in disciplines outside the road construction sector, including energy (with a specific focus on renewable energy), rail, telecommunications, housing infrastructure projects and commercial building refurbishment and construction.


Raubex Construction in Australia specialises in road construction and earthworks, the construction of landfills and tailings dams, as well as installation of services and utilities.



Our vision is to be the leading civil engineering construction company built from the strongest of relationships.

Raubex Construction Australia strives to become a civil engineering contracting market leader through the development of relationships with our clients and employees while delivering a high-quality product ultimately leading to long term growth and sustainability for all shareholders.