CBH Shark Lake – Grain Storage Facility expansion

Client Cooperative Bulk Handling

LocationEsperance, South Western Australia

The 2022 CBH Network Plan identified a storage shortfall at Shark Lake to meet the grain storage requirement forecast.

The CBH Board approved funding to expand the site and improve grower services offered at the site, by constructing additional infrastructure works listed below to be completed prior to the 2022-23 Harvest Season.

The scope of Work comprises the following in general:

  • Construction of four new full specification sealed open bulkheads (OBH 09 to 12)
  • Civil earthworks and formation of bulkhead pavements, intersections and access roads
  • Installation of 2 x CBH supplied Auger Pits and Conveyor
  • Loading Systems (CLS) plus necessary support equipment
  • Power upgrade: de-throttled transformer & new Site Main Switchboard.
  • Construction of an enlarged drainage basin

CBH - Emergency Storage 2021

Client Cooperative Bulk Handling

LocationCBH’s Carnamah site, is approximately 180km Southeast of Geraldton, Mid-Western Australia

The CBH facility at Carnamah was identified for construction of emergency bulkheads to meet the 2021/22 Harvest Programme. The Carnamah Emergency Storage Project provides 90 390 ton of new Emergency Specification OBH storages via construction of three OBHs.
This project was one of four emergency projects that Raubex was involved with for CBH during the 2021/22 harvest season.

Northampton Lead Tailings Containment Cell – Phase 2

ClientDepartment of Planning, Lands and Heritage (“DPLH”)

Location Northampton – Mid-Western Australia

The Northampton region has a long history of lead and copper mining. This project for DPLH comprised the remediation of the former Wheal Ellen mine site and construction of a Permanent Containment Cell (“PCC”).

The PCC construction comprised:

  • Construction of cell
  • Transfer of tailings into the cell
  • Capping of the cell

A crushing and screening process to generate sufficient suitable fill material formed part of the process.

Capel - Busselton Highway Duplication

Client Main Roads Western Australia

Location Capel/Busselton Southwest Western Australia

The Bussell Highway Duplication Project comprises the duplication of the Bussell Highway between Capel and Busselton in Southwestern Australia. This included the clearing of the road reserve, construction to primer seal stage of the road including construction of a second road carriageway, as well as the reconstruction to primer seal stage of parts of the existing road carriageway and existing intersections.

Opalvale Landfill Cell 2

Client Instant Waste Services

Location Perth

The Opalvale Landfill Cell Construction Project comprised the construction of a new landfill cell on the outskirts of Perth for a private client, a key service provider in the waste management industry in Western Australia.

This project has demonstrated Raubex Construction Australia’s versatility and expertise as the leader in the construction of landfill facilities, particularly in Western Australia, as well as our diverse capabilities in civil engineering construction in general, highlighting our ability to deliver on time and to the client’s satisfaction.

Onslow Landfill Infrastructure

Client Shire of Ashburton

Location Pilbara

This highly specified project for the Shire of Ashburton in Northwestern Australia’s Pilbara region comprises the following:

  • Earthworks to construct Cell 1 of the waste management facility, leachate evaporation, sullage and surface water management ponds and associated drainage works and structures
  • Construction of a 500mm thick engineered attenuation layer
  • Construction of internal roadways
  • Sealing Early Works main access road
  • Supply and installation of the geosynthetic secondary lining system comprising:
    • Geosynthetic Clay Liner (“GCL”)
    • 2mm High Density Polyethylene (“HDPE”) double textured geomembrane
    • Geonet/drainage geocomposite
    • Supply and installation of the geosynthetic primary lining system

Henderson Landfill Capping

Client City of Cockburn

Location Perth

This project for the City of Cockburn comprised the following:

  • Fill placement to re-contour the landfill surface
  • Construction of Cell 6 landfill capping utilising geomembranes and fill material
  • Construction of surface water control drainage on the capped surface
  • Vegetation cover on the capped surface

EMRC – Earthworks

Client Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (“EMRC”)

Location Red Hill

This project for the EMRC comprises the following:

  • Clearing of unsuitable materials from previously ponded areas
  • Exposing, removal and crushing of laterite cap rock for use in the works
  • General bulk earthworks to form a construction pad

The project was one of significance in further building the Raubex/EMRC relationship at Red Hill in the Perth Metropole.

Norseman Passing Lanes

Client Main Roads Western Australia

Location Goldfields of Western Australia

Coolgardie Esperance Hwy SLK 42 and 120 Passing Lanes Construction consisted of the reconstruction, widening and upgrade of a section of road in the Goldfields of Western Australia with DM Roads, for Main Roads Western Australia as the ultimate client.

It involved engaging local subcontractors and suppliers for the execution of the contract in remote Western Australia. The project consisted of the widening and reconstruction of an overlay on an existing section of road, under traffic. The project was completed successfully on time and on a tight budget.

Brookton Highway Reconstruction

Client Main Roads Western Australia

Location Western Australian Wheatbelt region

The widening and rehabilitation of H052 Brookton Highway from SLK 114.80 to SLK 126.70 entailed the box out and removal and subsequent replacement of existing pavement layers and general pavement repairs in the Western Australian Wheatbelt region.

The project was executed in collaboration with and for Main Roads Western Australia with design supervision and support by GHD. The project was completed on time and on budget through a wholesome partnership with Main Roads Western Australia and its team, and has set the standard as to future Raubex/MRWA relationships.

Thomas Road Widening

Client Main Roads Western Australia

Location Perth

The widening and construction of road shoulders in the Perth Metropole with DM Roads for Main Roads Western Australia, was done in a record time and well within budget. A night shift project, the job was well executed with a skeleton crew of experienced operators and supervisors managing all aspects of the job including the all-important stakeholder management.

Albany Highway/Fremantle Road, City of Gosnells

Client Main Roads Western Australia

Location Perth (Gosnells)

Main Roads Western Australia reviewed the intersection of Albany Highway and Fremantle Roads and due to high traffic volumes during peak times along Albany Highway, it was decided to produce designs to improve the intersection’s performance.

This included:

  • Localised widening of the intersection
  • Additional turning lanes
  • Footpath improvements
  • Drainage installation
  • Asphalting of intersection

A night shift project, it was completed very successfully under difficult circumstances through mid-winter.

Bindoon Moora Seal Widening

Client MRWA

Location Bindoon and Moora

This project consisted of the construction of the seal widening in the Wheatbelt region between Bindoon and Moora, M002 SLK 35 – 86.

This included the following:

  • Light vegetation clearing/topsoil removal (within clearing extents only) and the removal of Eucalyptus Wandoo trees
  • Tyne and top-up 50mm MRWA approved basecourse (contractor supply)
  • In-situ stabilisation to a depth of 200mm with 1% residual bitumen and compact to 98%
  • Two-coat (14/7) seal
  • Remove and re-instate signs and guideposts

Brand Highway Seal Widening

Client MRWA

Location Dandaragan

This project comprises the construction of seal widening on Brand Highway (H004) within the Shire of Dandaragan between 86 and 152 SLK.

The works typically include the following:

  • Seal widening with asphalt on existing shoulders for 34km of road (86-120 SLK)
  • Reconditioning and sealing of basecourse shoulders on 32km of road (120-152 SLK)
  • Clearing and topsoil removal (120-152 SLK)
  • Installation of edge lines with audio tactile markings
  • Culvert extensions

Widening and Reconstruction Albany Highway – H001

Client MRWA

Location Gordon River South Section

The works comprise the reconstruction and widening of Albany Highway within the Shire of Cranbrook between Weir Road and Pinjalup Creek Bridge 0065A SLK 307.95 to SLK 316.23.

The Works include the following:

  • Reconstruction and widening to seal stage of 8.28km of road
  • Construction of ancillary drainage works
  • Installation of pavement marking, signage, and guideposts
  • Protection of services
  • Rock pitching and rock protection

Construction of Landfill Cell and Leachate Pond – Coolgardie Waste Facility

Client Shire of Coolgardie

Location Coolgardie

The works comprise the construction and development of a new Class III landfill Cell 2 and leachate pond including the following:

  • Bulk earthworks (Main Cell and Leachate Pond)
  • Installation of liner and drainage material